• ZR-6012 Aerosol photometer

    ZR-6012 Aerosol photometer

    For leakage detection for HEPA Filter, it is well known to use aerosol photometer for testing. ZR-6012 Aerosol photometer is a professional testing equipment which is used to test whether there is leakage on HEPA filter.

    The downstream of aerosol concentration can be extended to 0.0001 μg/L, and upstream can be extended to 700μg/L.

  • ZR-1101 Automatic Colony Counter

    ZR-1101 Automatic Colony Counter

    ZR-1101 Automatic Colony Counter, built in 12 megapixel CMOS camera. Ensure the clarity and speed of the colony image. Truly reduce the working load of staff and realize efficient and fast counting of microorganisms. Automatic Colony Counter is used in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and public institutes research.

  • Filter Integrity Tester V8.0

    Filter Integrity Tester V8.0

    Basic bubble point;Manul bubble point; Extensive bubble point;Pressure holding test;Diffusion flow test;water instrusion test;Ultrafitration Membrane Test.

  • ZR-1015 Biosafety Cabinet Quality Tester

    ZR-1015 Biosafety Cabinet Quality Tester

    ZR-1015 Biosafety Cabinet Quality Tester is used to test the protection performance of class II biosafety cabinet by potassium iodide method. Different from the usual microbiological methods, potassium iodide test method can be counted on site to verify the protective performance of the biosafety cabinet: The usual microbiological method takes 48 hours; and potassium iodide test method takes only 30 minutes, which will not pollute the laboratory environment.

  • ZR-2000 Intelligent air microbial sampler

    ZR-2000 Intelligent air microbial sampler

    The instrument have multiple functions which is equipped with different samplers, such as Anderson sampler, impact sampler and filter sampler.

  • ZR-1630 Airborne Particle Counter 1CFM

    ZR-1630 Airborne Particle Counter 1CFM

    ZR-1630 Particle Counter is 6 channels, built in HEPA filter and Vacuum pump. The flow stable at 1CFM(28.3L/min).

  • ZR-1620 Airborne Particle Counter

    ZR-1620 Airborne Particle Counter

    ZR-1620 Airborne Particle Counter is a hand-held precision particle counter. The instrument uses light scattering method to measure the particle size and quantity in the air which the particle size is 0.1μm~10.0 μm. It is mainly used in clean room testing, air filter and filter material performance testing and other fields. It can be used as a portable tool for pharmaceutical factories, testing institutions and other units to carry out relevant measurement.

  • ZR-1050 Aerosol Generator

    ZR-1050 Aerosol Generator

    ZR-1050 Aerosol generator is an aerosol generating device. The principle of the device is that the pressure of the top of the liquid supply pipe decreases when the vertical flow tube is injected into the high speed airflow, and the bacteria liquid is sucked from the bottom to the top of the liquid supply pipe. It can be used in fields such as HEPA filtration performance test, inhalation and toxicology research.

  • ZR-6010 Aerosol Photometer

    ZR-6010 Aerosol Photometer

    Aerosol photometer is designed base on Mie scatter principle, which is used to test whether there is leakage on HEPA filter. The instrument conforms to related national and industry standard, could realize rapid detection of upstream and downstream concentration detection and real-time display leakage on the host and handheld device, and could find leaking position rapidly and accurately. It is applicable to leakage detection of clean room, VLF bench, biosafety cabinet, glove box, HEPA vacuum cleaner, HVAC system, HEPA filter, negative pressure filtering system, operating theatre, nuclear filter system, collection protect filter.

  • Aerosol Generator

    Aerosol Generator

    When detecting the leakage of high-efficiency filter, you need to cooperate with aerosol generator. It emits aerosol particles with different sizes, and adjusts the aerosol concentration as required to make the upstream concentration reach 10 ~ 20ug / ml. Then the aerosol photometer will detect and display the concentration of the particle mass.

  • ZR-2050A  Planktonic Bacteria Sampler

    ZR-2050A Planktonic Bacteria Sampler

    ZR-2050A  Planktonic Bacteria Sampler is a high efficiency single stage multiple aperture impact sampler, this instrument bases on Anderson impacting principle, impacting speed is 10.8 m/s, it could capture all particles larger than 1 1μm. This instrument will draw the air through multiple aperture sampling head, impact to Φ90mm petri dish, the airborne microbes will be captured to agar medium. This instrument is widely applied in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, drug inspection institute, centers of disease control, health and epidemic prevention, hospitals and other related industries and departments

  • ZR-2021 High-flow Airborne Microbe Sampler

    ZR-2021 High-flow Airborne Microbe Sampler

    ZR-2021 High-flow Airborne Microbe Sampler is applied to airborne microbe collection. The product is equipped with multiple stages of sampling heads, could collect aerosol and remove particles larger than 12 μm and smaller than 2 μm like dusts, pollens and so on. Collect inhalable particles between 2μm to 12 μm and concentrate to small airflow, then collect by porton sampler.

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